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The managed data and cloud infrastructure
solution for public safety and government sectors.


Empowering You To Better Serve the Public

CONVX delivers managed data services and cloud infrastructure solutions to solve compliance, cost, access, and data migration challenges for the public safety and government sectors.


Public safety government data cloud solutions CONVX

Turnkey Managed Services Solutions
for the Public Safety Sector

The PSG Stack modernizes your data and retires legacy systems while preserving your historical records on cloud or on-premises environments for CJIS and FedRAMP compliance.
Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Offload data to a managed data warehouse to eliminate servers, databases, backups, and recovery. GovData Warehouse delivers a fully managed data ecosystem while eliminating maintenance headaches.

Police and law enforcement agencies can easily store evidence, photos, and fingerprints in a secure document repository. We update your database to include:

  • Built-in compliance
  • Cloud-native storage and computing
  • Managed replication and backups
  • Managed access policies
  • Image and file storage
Data Reporting

Data Reporting

How will you access your legacy records when you retire your old, expensive RMS  system? We solve this challenge with our cost-effective reporting infrastructure. We create custom reports from legacy data migrated to our data warehouse, eliminating costs and risk. 

You meet your data retention and reporting obligations. The public stays safe. 

  • Consolidated reporting and analytics 
  • Automated reporting 
  • Data correlation
  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting options
Data Migration

Data Migration

PSG Stack empowers public safety units to deliver more value to constituents and build trust and compliance with a comprehensive data integration platform. Reduce data migration efforts and streamline accurate database conversions with a hyper-focused solution built exclusively for the public safety sector.

Any Data Source
With decades of experience, we know old stuff. We extract data from the most challenging legacy environments, including IBM mainframe, AS/400, databases, and spreadsheets. We also pull from modern cloud applications and APIs. Almost any data source is supported.

Flexible Targets
Migrate your records to our managed data warehouse or a new RMS system. We know the dominant public safety software, so data conversion is quick and efficient.

RMS Code Mapping
CONVX developed a collaborative process to easily map your legacy record codes to a new RMS system, making it painless to convert records.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy and Solutions

PSG Stack brings cloud services to government agencies. It modernizes your IT stack into a cloud environment built for compliance. We handle your complete cloud infrastructure, including security controls for compliance, system patching, and upgrades. 

We leverage our deep expertise in cloud and IT architecture, IT automation, data integration, software development, security, and compliance to bring your operations to the cloud. 

  • Cloud strategy and architecture 
  • Application migration
  • Managed security and identity services
  • Cloud maintenance and operations

Reduces Costs and Simplifies

Your data and IT is burdened with regulations that hold up change—state and local regulations, CJIS, and FedRAMP. Legacy systems add to the burden with high costs and outdated security. PSG Stack integrates with your modern RMS or business intelligence suite delivering a simple, consistent user experience. 

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Why Do Public Safety and Government Organizations Partner with CONVX?

Deep Domain Expertise

Security, compliance and efficiency are at the core of our DNA. We focus on depth, offering deep expertise to clients in public safety and government organizations, accelerating your data and IT infrastructure time-to-value. CONVX is level 4 CJIS training certified.  

Reimaging Data Migration
Instead of treating data migration as the challenge of moving from one platform or RMS system to the next, we reimage and simplify the process for an easy and seamless transition.
Hyper-Focused on Your Needs

Our solution is purpose-built to meet the data and compliance challenges public safety and government agencies face while operating in an expanding digital world. 

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Optimized Data and Cloud Solutions for Public Safety and Government