Data Architecture for Restaurants


The managed data and cloud infrastructure solution
for the restaurant and hospitality industry.




Optimizing End-to-End Operations to Boost Your Margins

RHO Stack is the single source of data truth for the hospitality industry, effortlessly uniting mission-critical data points from disparate systems into a seamless platform that minimizes waste, scales staffing, and accurately forecasts guest traffic.



Restaurant Hospitality Data Cloud Solutions CONVX

Lean, Efficient Operations Through Managed Cloud Services

Supercharge your business with the digital technology experts and cloud-based tools to drive more personalized customer experiences and beat performance targets.
Managed Data

Managed Data

RHO Stack revolutionizes your data ecosystem and transforms data into action. It replaces expensive, labor-intensive data warehouses, data pipelines, and analytics tools with a managed solution built for your industry. With automated data workflows, application integration, and robust reporting and analytics, RHO Stack fuels unlimited scale, increased revenue, and heightened efficiency organization-wide.

Data Apps RHO

Data Apps

RHO Stack replaces manual data collection and expensive business intelligence software with a simple app experience, saving time and money. Give your staff all they need and nothing they don’t with a priced-right personal dashboard of KPIs and performance metrics while saving franchisees and store operators time with one-touch report uploads that eliminate manual processes.
Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud

RHO Stack's managed cloud services for the restaurant and hospitality industry deliver a scalable IT architecture to increase efficiencies and improve customer experiences. Only pay for cloud services when you use them with on-demand usage and resource optimization. Our complete managed cloud solution is tailored to the unique needs of the industry, eliminating significant IT operations costs and integrating with our managed data and data apps.

Data Architecture for Mid-sized Restaurants - White Paper

Restaurant data architecture white paper

Access our White Paper to learn how restaurants can gain control of their data with an efficient data architecture, including:

  • Why a cloud data platform?
  • What to consider when evaluating data solutions? 
  • CONVX's cost-effective data solutions for restaurants
  • What's under CONVX’s hood?
Learn About RHO STACK

RHO Stack is an agile infrastructure solution that optimizes and manages your data so you can focus on nurturing customer relationships.



Restaurant Franchise Data Automation CONVX

Elevate Customer Experiences with Streamlined Operations

RHO Stack drives next-level customer experiences through rich data insights. Know which products and campaigns are working, and why. Turn anonymous guests into loyal and identified customers with incentivized signups that create new channels for engagement. Boost customer buy-in and collect critical data with premium offers delivered directly over WiFi. Armed with deep customer insights, create customized campaigns and experiences that are laser-focused on targeting each customer segment, saving marketing dollars and helping you find the next 1% margin improvement by reducing operational costs with facilities and supply chain efficiencies.

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Why Do Restaurants Partner with CONVX?

Hyper-Focused on Your Success

We are unique. RHO Stack, is purpose-built to address the specific operational and data-related hurdles faced by the restaurant and hospitality industry. By leveraging our solution, you can effectively scale your business and boost profitability.

Reimaging Data Collection and Migration
We streamline the process of transitioning from one platform or POS system to another by utilizing managed data apps, the cloud, and adopting a data warehouse approach to data migration and storage. This eliminates the challenge of manual data collection and migration.
Deep Domain Expertise

With over 25 years of technical expertise and top-level certifications, we champion agile infrastructures that connect critical data points and enable scale and flexibility that accelerate your data and IT infrastructure time-to-value. 

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Optimized Data and Cloud Solutions for the Hospitality Industry