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Data Architecture for Restaurants


CONVX managed cloud services reduce costs and free up your time to focus on core business processes and objectives. 



Efficiently Manage and Scale Your
Cloud Operations

Modernize and scale your business without having to hire or train additional staff. CONVX managed cloud services build your capacity to scale at will while driving cost savings and improving security and compliance. We take control of your complete cloud strategy, from infrastructure to ongoing support, aligning our approach to your unique needs and business objectives. 

Scalable Solutions To Accommodate Rapid Change

With a managed cloud cost and a budget management strategy from CONVX, your organization’s cloud spending is aligned with business priorities, optimized for efficiency, and provides the best possible return on investment.

Cloud Strategy and Architecture

Cloud Strategy
& Architecture

Creating a comprehensive cloud strategy and infrastructure plan can be challenging when you have competing business priorities. But cloud services are central to innovation of every industry to stay relevant. CONVX does the heavy lifting of designing a cloud-first or hybrid cloud strategy that modernizes your operations and delivers exceptional ROI. Our comprehensive strategy addresses infrastructure, security and compliance, application migration, cost optimization, disaster recovery, governance, and staffing.

Secure Automated Cloud Provisioning

Secure & Automated Cloud Provisioning

Our 360-degree suite of services starts with identity and access management and a secure foundation for the network and infrastructure, data, and application layers. Our Infrastructure as Code enforces consistency with security policies baked in.

Application Migration


Migrating applications into a cohesive infrastructure is time-consuming and can be rife with errors. CONVX’s migration service automates the conversion of your applications into a single database, minimizing time-intensive, error-prone manual processes. Our approach is comprehensive, handling planning and application assessment, infrastructure selection, data migration, testing, and post-migration support, freeing you up to focus on the business priorities that matter.  

Cloud Operations Ongoing

Ongoing Cloud Operations

Any successful cloud implementation must include ongoing management to ensure compliance, enhance performance, and protect against threats. But pulling your team away from mission-critical work is often not feasible. CONVX takes the lead on your ongoing cloud operations by supporting you throughout the cloud operation lifecycle. Our services include cloud infrastructure management, incident and problem management, change management, performance management, and security management, protecting your organization 24/7/365. 

Budget Management

Cost & Budget Management

Successful public safety units, governments, restaurants, and hospitality businesses understand that financial accountability and stewardship matter. CONVX increases cost visibilities and accountability through cloud cost and budget management solutions. Our tailored approach to delivering cloud services blazes a path for predictable cloud costs. It includes cost monitoring, cost optimization, budget planning and forecasting, and reporting and analytics to achieve business outcomes and gain visibility into your current budget trends. 

Scale Your Cloud Operations with CONVX Managed Cloud