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Data Architecture for Restaurants


CONVX Data App service simplifies data collection and distribution by customizing the app experience for you and your industry, reducing costs, streamlining workflows, and eliminating errors.



A Streamlined Workflow

CONVX Data Apps streamline workflows for all users. Your Data App is the nexus of your data ingest pipeline for user-entered data and distributes your insights and KPIs to your users in a consistent way. Unite your user community under a single platform, driving communications efficiency and cost savings while democratizing data collection and insights to empower your whole organization to work better and faster.

Rich Data Visualization

CONVX data apps replace expensive BI tools and manual data processing with a managed app built on our cost-effective CONVX app framework.
Forms Feedback Data Ccollection

Feedback Forms
& Data Collection

The restaurant and hospitality industry is data-rich. From POS systems, inventory management software, or customer feedback, making sense of data from a multi-platform ecosystem is a challenge. CONVX RHO streamlines and standardizes data collection with tailored forms and data collection services that identify and define requirements, standardize language and format, put you in control of form design, and improve data security, all in one powerful platform. 

Dashboards Data Visualization

& Visualization

Data is useless unless end users can see their metrics. CONVX Data Apps present simple, intuitive dashboards to visualize each user’s progress toward their KPIs. Keep your whole organization aligned with visibility for all in the progress toward your common goals. 

Enterprise Directory Integration

Enterprise Directory Integration

Manually adding and deleting users from an app is time-consuming, so we built it in from the start, all with lock-tight security. Use Active Directory to easily add and remove users to the app as their AD status changes. App users authenticate against your existing AD, saving your team time and protecting against unauthorized access when someone leaves.

Savings And Advantages

CONVX’s suite of app services built for restaurants and hospitality increases productivity, lowers costs, and drives business value by optimizing your application strategy.
Cost Savings

Labor and License Savings

Your Data App saves measurable
labor and software costs

Eliminates manual data processing. Give each operator the ability to input their own data, eliminating tedious and error-prone work of cleansing and re-typing data from spreadsheets. Automated checks verify each data point while automated data ingest sends the data to your data warehouse or database without staff intervention. Put your policy enforcement on autopilot with apps that ensure records are locked according to your business policy.

Eliminates per-user license fees. Business intelligence software is notoriously expensive to scale. It uses extensive computer resources, driving up server expenses. And individual license requirements hinder efficient scale. CONVX Data Apps solves scale and expense challenges by delivering only the KPIs and metrics needed without the complexity of a full BI tool.

Managed Applications

Managed Application Advantages

Managed applications reduce risk and
improve operational efficiencies

CONVX delivers complete application-as-a-service using our existing data app framework, overcoming the costs and risks of developing custom software. Leverage the power of industry-specific development we already own, eliminating high-cost, high-risk outsourcing with no guarantee of success.

We minimize operating costs with an established framework and managed approach to your complete application lifecycle, including development, DevOps infrastructure, and maintenance. We create the integrations to your APIs, database or data warehouse, and document storage for a complete managed application experience.

Streamline Your Data Workflow with CONVX Data Apps