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Data Architecture for Restaurants

Industry-Optimized Data and Cloud Solutions

A Powerful Suite of Managed Technologies for Tomorrow’s Industry Leaders

Empowering Successful Data-driven Leadership

Restaurant Hospitality Data Cloud Solutions CONVX

Creating Data-Driven
Restaurants And Hotels


Follow the proven path to modernizing IT for restaurant and hospitality leaders. RHO Stack is a professionally managed data fabric and cloud infrastructure solution optimized for restaurants and hotels. It provides the data and connectivity foundation for sales improvement, loyalty building, staff optimization, and supply chain efficiency by enabling data-driven decision-making across your operations.


Public Safety Government Data Cloud Solutions

Empowering Those Who
Serve And Protect


Complete and accurate data is the foundation of efficient and effective public safety and government organizations. PSG Stack modernizes outdated legacy systems and arms public servants with complete and accurate data in a cutting-edge platform that empowers faster and smarter decision-making while maintaining compliance with CJIS and FedRAMP regulations. 


360-Degree Solutions To Drive Data and IT Transformation

CONVX offers transformative data management and IT infrastructure services to streamline operations for the public safety, government, restaurant, and hospitality sectors.
Managed Data CONVX


Save time and eliminate errors by syncing your data systems and automating workflows. CONVX data solutions create a single source of truth for your ITSM, business data, and reporting integrations, driving trust, compliance, and data-savvy decision-making. 

Managed Cloud Secure CONVX


Keep your eye on core business objectives and leave your IT modernization to us. CONVX managed cloud services build your capacity to scale at will while driving cost savings and improving security and compliance. 

Managed Data Apps CONVX


Consolidate and customize your apps into a single dashboard. Standardize data with customized forms, save money on licensing with the power of API technology, and communicate more efficiently to drive business outcomes and enhance customer service. 

Reporting and Analytics CONVX


Transform your data into action with CONVX’s robust reporting and analytics suite. We drive reporting innovation and simplification by automating and visualizing your reports, ensuring they get to the right people at the right time. 


CONVX partners with future-leaning public safety units, governments, restaurants, and hospitality companies to transform them into digital organizations through IT infrastructure, security and compliance, and operations solutions.

Deep Domain Expertise
Our passion for data integration and cloud transition runs deep. With hundreds of successful projects, we offer expertise to clients in the public safety and hospitality industries and beyond. Our experience accelerates your data and IT infrastructure's time-to-value.
Hyper-Focused on Industry Needs
We never sell prepackaged solutions. Every solution is specifically tailored to our partners in public safety or hospitality, ensuring you get everything you need--and nothing you don't--to become a digital organization.
Reimaging Data Migration
Instead of treating data migration as the challenge of moving from one platform to the next, we reimage and simplify the process, embracing a data warehouse approach to data migration and storage.
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